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3D PostCards - Stereoview Of The HolyLand
We are especially proud of our unique collection of 3D Postcards from the Holy Land.
They are hand printed replicas of the famous Underwood & Underwood Cards.

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The main street of Bethlehem


Stereoview by Underwood & Underwood

€6.18 €3.80

The Jaffa Gate


Stereoview by Underwood & Underwood The Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem The Jaffa Gate is one of the 12 Gates leading to the Holy City.

€6.18 €3.80

The Great Advisor 1940 U S A


Yiddish DVD Movie Starring: Irwing Jacobson, Yetta Zwerling, Sol Dickstein, Lazzar Fried and Cantor Leibale Waldman

€26.60 €22.80

The Dzigan and Schumacher Special


Yiddish Movies All 5 DVDs with Shimon Dzigan and Yisroel Shumacher

€133.00 €95.00

Jewish Luck Russia 1925


Starring: Solomon Michoels, S. Epstein, Tamara Adelheim, M. Goldblat, I. Rogaler Jewish Luck is an adaptation of the story Menachem Mendel Letters by Shalom Aleichem.

€26.60 €22.80

Long is the Way


Yiddish DVD Movie Lang is der Veg Directed by Herbert B. Fredersdorf, Marek Goldstein.

€26.60 €22.80

The Dybbuk With Cantor Gerszon Sirota


Yiddish DVD Movie With Cantor Gerszon Sirota

€26.60 €22.80

The S Dzigan Show


Yiddish DVD Movie The Shimon Dzigan Show

€26.60 €22.80

The Wandering Jew


Yiddish DVD Movie The Wandering Jew (1935) - A People Eternal דאס אייביגע פאלק.

€26.60 €22.80

To Sing and to Laugh


Yiddish DVD Movie A Yiddishpiel production with Ya'akov Bodo and Anat Azmon

€26.60 €22.80

Uncle Moses 1932 U S A


Yiddish DVD Movie Starring: Maurice Schwartz, Zvi Schooler, Judith Abarbanel, Mark Schweid, and Rubin Goldberg.

€26.60 €22.80

The Dome Of the Rock


Stereoview by Underwood & Underwood The Dome of the Rock within the City Walls of Jerusalem.

€6.18 €3.80