A Letter to Mother A Brivale der Mamen 1938 Poland

Yiddish DVD Movie A Letter to Mother - A Brivele der Mamen This moving film tells the story of a mother who's son disappears !!
Manufacturer: Joseph Green

Max Bozyk
Irving Bruner
Gertrude Bulman
Simche Fostel
Lucy Gehrman
Misha Gehrman
Itskhok Grudberg
Samuel Landau
Chana Levin
Alexander Stein
Edmund Zayenda

Directed by
Joseph Green
A Letter to Mother - A Brivele der Mamen

A deeply religious husband immigrates to America while his wife struggles desperately to support her three children in pre-WWII Polish Ukraine before finally making her way to New York to join her husband. The highest grossing Yiddish film of its time, A Little Letter to Mother is one of the last Yiddish films made in Poland before the Nazi invasion. This wonderful old-fashioned melodrama fraught with historical significance is one of the precious few documents of the Polish Jewish community left to us. The film was made on location in Warsaw and the Polish countryside. Originally released on September 14, 1939, two weeks after the German blitzkrieg over Poland, at the Belmont Theater in New York.
Full of drama as well as humour and beautiful Yiddish songs !! 
Yiddish speaking with English subtitles.
105 min.
Black and White



Please note: These classical Yiddish Movies have been electronically enhanced to get the best possible video and sound quality. Due to the age and condition of the original movies, it was not always possible to have perfect results.