East and West Mizrekh un Mayrev

Yiddish DVD Movie Starring:Molly Picon, Jacob Kalish, Sidney M. Goldin
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Starring:Molly Picon, Jacob Kalish, Sidney M. Goldin 
Austria 1923 
85 minutes 
Silent with English and Yiddish intertitles 
Directors: Sidney M. Goldin and Ivan Abramson 
Cast: Molly Picon, Jacob Kalish, Sidney M. Goldin Video Music Score (1991): Henry Sapoznik 

This delightful comedy opens as Morris Brown, a New Yorker better acquainted with his checkbook than his prayerbook, returns to Galicia with his very American daughter, Mollie (Molly Picon) for a family wedding. The bride, daughter of his traditionally observant brother, and Mollie, whose exuberant antics fill the film, could not be more different. But Mollie unexpectedly meets her match, an engaging young yeshiva scholar who forsakes tradition and joins the secular world to win her heart. 
East and West features classic scenes of Molly Picon lifting weights and boxing, teaching young villagers to shimmy and stealing away from services to gorge herself before sundown on Yom Kippur. Underlying these hijinks is veteran filmmaker Goldin?s affectionate appreciation of differences, for good-natured comedy shapes his portrayal of worldly Jews encountering traditional shtetl life. 



Please note: These classical Yiddish Movies have been electronically enhanced to get the best possible video and sound quality. Due to the age and condition of the original movies, it was not always possible to have perfect results.