Eli Eli

Yiddish DVD Movie Starring:Lazar Freed, Muni Serebroff Directed by: Joseph Seiden
SKU: 107-DVD

Starring:Lazar Freed, Muni Serebroff 
Directed by: Joseph Seiden 
Long believed lost, this heartwarming musical drama is the classic Yiddish story of a divided family. While Mom and Dad lose the farm, the family is forced to live apart, but they do it with sadness, humor and music. With Esther Feild (The Yiddish Mama), Lazar Fried and Muni Serebroff, with songs by Sholom Secunda. 
85 Minutes 
Yiddish with English Subtitles 



Please note: These classical Yiddish Movies have been electronically enhanced to get the best possible video and sound quality. Due to the age and condition of the original movies, it was not always possible to have perfect results.