Long is the Way

Yiddish DVD Movie Lang is der Veg Directed by Herbert B. Fredersdorf, Marek Goldstein.
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Lang is der Veg Directed by Herbert B. Fredersdorf & Marek Goldstein. 
Written by Karl Georg Kulb Israel Becker. 
Based on a story by Israel Becker. 
Photographed by Franz Koch. 
With Israel Becker, Bettina Moissi, Berta Litwina, Jakob Fischer, Alexander Bardini. 
Filmed in U.S.- Occupied Germany, 1948, 
70 minutes, B&W, 35mm. 
In Yiddish, German, Polish, with English narration and subtitles. 
Shot almost exclusively on location, with extensive use of newsreel footage, this fiction film has with the passing of time become a historical record emblematic of the suffering of families during the Holocaust. 
Set in Poland and Germany, it is the chronicle of a family separated on their way to a concentration camp. The son, David, manages to escape and joins the Jewish partisans, while of the others, only the mother survives the camps. Along with Distant Journey (Terezin Ghetto), Long Is the Road 'was one of the first fiction films to attempt to represent Nazi concentration camps from the point of view of the inmates [in] scenes of Auschwitz, starkly evoked in the studio through the use of stylization and close-ups.' (J. Hoberman) Shot in 1947 in U.S.-occupied Germany, the film was based on writer-actor Israel Becker's own experiences during the war. 



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