Yiddish Movies

Mamale 1938 Poland


Yiddish DVD Movie Starring - Molly Picon, Edmund Zayenda, Max Bozyk, Simche Postel, Max Perlman

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Mazel Tov Yidden 1941 U S A


Yiddish DVD Movie A multi-star cast participates in this delightful and amusing program that is a tribute to the Golden Years of Yiddish song, dance and comedy

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Mirele Efros 1938 U S A


Yiddish DVD Movie Starring - Berta Gersten, Michael Rosenberg

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Motel the Operator SA, 1939


Yiddish DVD Movie Director: Joseph Seiden Based on a play by Chaim Tauber Music by Sholem Secunda

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Yiddish DVD Movie Neighbors was one of the last Yiddish-language films made in Poland before the Nazi invasion of 1939.

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Our Children 1948 Poland Dzigan and Shumacher


Yiddish DVD Movie Starring:Shimon Dzigan, Israel Shumacher, Nusia Gold, N. Kareni, L. Glantz, N. Meisle, and Y. Videzky Bonus Track :The Cowboy

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Overture to Glory - 1939 U S A


Yiddish DVD Movie Starring: Moishe Oysher, Helen Beverly, and Florence Weiss

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Tevye the Milkman 1935 Poland


Yiddish DVD Movie Starring: Maurice Schwartz, Miriam Riselle, Rebecca Weintraub, Paula Lubelsky, and Leon Leibgold

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